Our Services

Fitness Training

Personal Training Services include:

Free consultation

Assessment of:

Lifestyle and Goals

Health and Fitness level (strength and cardiovascular)

Exercise program set up

Nutrition and weight loss (optional)

Plan to acheive your goals!

Weight Loss – Healthy Eating
Weight Loss and Nutrition Services include:

(focus on healthy eating and weight loss, no exercise at this time)

Free Consultation

Assessment of:

Nutrition and Lifestyle

Healthy Eatying plan including strategies for successful weight loss

Transitional Care Program:
Your Next Step from Rehab to Fitness Post Physical Therapy, Medical or other physical difficulties

Transitional Care Program Services include:

Free consultation

Assessment of:

Physical difficulties, Lifestyle, Goals

Fitness level (strength, cardiovascular, flexability)

Exercise program set up, including any rehab exercises

Nutritition and Weight Loss (optional)

Plan to acheive your goals!

The Starter Package
If you don’t want long term personal training, consider the starter package!
5 -10 sessions to set up your fitness program then take it on your own and check in with your trainer once or twice a month.

More questions about our serivices, please contact us anytime!